A Message From Jeremy C. Rosenbaum

Have you faced broken promises, discrimination, or retaliation Or are you simply seeking to negotiate the best agreement you can get?




1. You WILL matter--to me and to the other side.

  • I want to know your story. I understand different lives, different cultures, different ways people see the world. 
  • I will hold your hand with every step. I will find every possible way to get you what you need.
  • You will matter to the other side. I want to make sure the other side hears what they did to you and understands that it must compensate you and make things right.


2. You WILL know.

  • I always make sure you understand the law: on contracts, on discrimination, on whistleblowing.  I explain the law, not in generalities, but the specific issues that could affect your case.
  • I make sure you understand all your options.


3. You WILL win all you can reasonably get.

  • Sometimes money alone is best. Sometimes you want your job back. Sometimes you just want the harassment to stop.




1. You will NOT have to feel stressed.

  • I will always do the fighting for you. And I will always be ready for tough negotiations when you prefer.

2. You will NOT hear bluster or false promises.

  • I will always give you the truth. I will never just tell you what you want to hear.

3. You will NOT be shut out of your own case.

  • I will always keep you up to date. I will always give you the power to make the key decisions. I will not trample on your desires: I will always keep your needs as my only consideration.


Your bottom line: I am here to help you. You’ll find that I favor results, not posing, not drama. You and I will work with each other. Together we can maximize your chances of success.


Above all, I like to win—whether by negotiating or in court. I will fight for your rights and do everything within the law to get you the justice you deserve.

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