What to bring to your first appointment:

1. Your Story

  • Job history, including different positions held with Employer.
  • Your written statement of what happened and why it is unfair. Include key dates where possible.

2. Evidence – General employment documents

  • Company handbooks, policy manuals, rules and regulations.
  • Union papers/Collective bargaining agreement

3.Evidence –Employee papers

  • Prior warnings.
  • Prior evaluations and appraisals.
  • Any commendations, awards, certificates
  • Any documents relating to your recently filed union grievance, including affidavits
  • Any documents relating to prior grievances
  • Termination letter
  • Any post-termination communications with Verizon or key Verizon people
  • Letters of commendation or recommendation
  • Any other papers relating to your employment—including hiring, signed agreements, firing, or events leading up to your termination.

4.Evidence – Government documents

  • Unemployment compensation papers.
  • Income tax returns and W-2 forms for past 3 years

5.Evidence – Witnesses

  • List of friendly witnesses, their telephone numbers, email, home addresses
  • List of possible hostile witnesses, their home addresses and telephone numbers
  • List of similarly situated people treated differently.
  • Written statements of witnesses.
  • Table of organization chart showing key figures – if no official company chart, then your own hand-drawn attempt (imperfection expected) is best.

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